What People Say About Us


"The Superpro 700 back pack vacuum cleaners are light weight, easy to handle and operate.
What stands out on these vacuum cleaners is the filtration and the benefits that come with it"
Cleaning Services 2000 Pty Ltd.

"I am based in the UK and have a Pac Vac... it is a brilliant vacuum cleaner!"
Susan Curtin Designs.

"What words do you associate with the Pacvac brand? Perfection, simplicity, reliability, bullet proof"
Midwest Engineering.

"I have used 2 of your Superpro cleaners everyday for nearly 2 years without any problems.
Best products ever and I mean that!!"
Mr Johnson (UK).

"I can't imagine purchasing any other brand"
Bush Babes Family Day Care.

"Pacvac is always improving their machines from both a functionality & operator ease of use point of view"
Mr Willis (Airlite Group).